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Company Introduction

Ginko International Co., Ltd. has two subsidiaries: Hydron Contact Lens Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Horien Contact Lens Co., Ltd. The sales office for both subsidiaries is located in Shanghai, while their world class optical manufacturing plants are in Danyang-often referred to as China's 'Eyeglass City'. The company has approximately 950 employees.
In 1995, Ginko acquired the reputable company Hydron U.S. and established Hydron Contact Lens Co. Ltd.-the first contact lens manufacturer in China. With its innovative R&D team, advanced manufacturing facilities and professional marketing and sales group, Ginko has successfully expanded its overseas market brand since 1998. Meanwhile, it made a strategic decision to promote the products in China using both brand names and In 2009, market research indicated that "Hydron"was the 'Most Favored Brand' in China, used and recognized by millions of contact lens wearers all over the country.
In late 2010, Ginko merged Yong Sheng Optics , set up the around 10,000 square meters modern new manufacturing platform in Central Taiwan Science Park and Stepped even closer to the international market, Further strengthening its strategic position in the Asia and in the world.